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Olivus®- A Great Source For Organic Olive Leaf Products

What is Olive Leaf?

Olive leaf is an herb derived from the leaves of the olive tree. It has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, particularly in the Mediterranean region. Recently, researchers have discovered that olive leaf contains potent antioxidants and immune-boosting properties that can benefit our overall health.

Olive leaf has become a popular health supplement due to its numerous benefits for the immune system and antioxidant protection. If you’re looking for a reliable source of organic olive leaf products, Olivus® is your best choice of olive leaf products.

1. Commitment to Quality

Olivus® is committed to providing the highest quality organic olive leaf products [1]. All of their products are made from organic olive leaves that are carefully selected and processed to ensure maximum potency and purity. They also use a gentle extraction process that preserves the natural compounds in the leaves.

2. Variety of Olive Leaf Products

Olivus® offers a wide variety of organic olive leaf products, including:

  • Certified Organic Olive Leaf Powder
  • DoubleMint Olive Leaf Soap
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Olio Nuevo (First Press)
  • Fresh Olive Leaf Liquid Extract
  • Lavender & Comfrey Olive Leaf Soap

3. Gluten, Yeast, and Preservative-Free

Olivus® organic olive leaf capsules are gluten, yeast, and preservative-free [3]. They are made from pure olive leaf powder with no fillers or flow agents, ensuring that you get the maximum benefits of olive leaf without any harmful additives.

Olivus is a family owned company with over twenty years experience in the olive industry. They deal in multiple products made from olives with olive oil being just one part of many that they create.

olive leaf

Olio Piro

If you’re a food lover, then you know that olive oil is an essential ingredient in many dishes. It adds flavor, richness, and a unique touch to any recipe. One of the best olive oils on the market is Olio Piro, a high antioxidant extra virgin olive oil that is developed in cooperation with the Italian Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche [1].

The Flavor of Olio Piro

One of the things that make Olio Piro unique is its flavor. It has a bold, fresh taste that is accompanied by a peppery finish. This flavor profile is perfect for those who love robust oils that add excitement to meals. Its elegance and remarkable fluidity complement the sophistication of its flavors, making it an ideal ingredient for any dish [2].

The 2022 Vintage

The 2022 vintage of Olio Piro is a must-try for any food lover. It boasts a beautiful bouquet of green olive fruit and fresh-cut green grass, giving it a fresh and vibrant taste. This harmonious oil has lingering flavors of green almond, green tea, and herbs accompanied by background notes of black pepper and cinnamon. Balanced and robust, the freshness of this oil is unmistakable [3].

Olio Piro was launched in 2018 and specialise in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Located in Southern Tuscany, the brother and sister team blend several different early-harvest olives to create a sophisticated and rich tasting extra virgin olive oil.

Olio Piro


Liokareas-The Best Greek Olive Oil!


Liokareas is a family-owned olive oil business based in Southern Greece, specifically the Mani Peninsula. For generations, the Liokareas family has been producing some of the world’s finest olive oil, which is unfiltered, single estate, and first cold pressed. But their offerings go beyond just olive oil – they also provide culinary trips and recipes that showcase the best of Greek cuisine.

The Best Greek Olive Oil

If you’re looking for authentic, high-quality Greek olive oil, Liokareas is the perfect choice. Their olive oil is unfiltered, which means it retains all its natural goodness, and is made from the finest olives grown on the family’s estate. The olives are picked by hand and pressed within 24 hours to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. [2]

Liokareas Recipes

In addition to their amazing olive oil and culinary trips, Liokareas also offers a variety of mouth-watering recipes that will make you want to cook Greek food every day. Here are just a few examples:

Gyros with Tzatziki

This classic Greek dish is a must-try for anyone who loves flavorful, juicy meat. Liokareas’ version features succulent pork cooked to perfection, topped with tangy tzatziki sauce and wrapped in a warm pita bread.

Italian Wedding Soup

This comforting soup is perfect for chilly days when you need something warm and filling. Liokareas’ recipe includes tender meatballs, hearty vegetables, and savory chicken broth – all topped with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese.

Rainbow Greek Salad with Lemon Greek Dressing

This colorful salad is bursting with flavor and nutrients. It features a mix of fresh veggies, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers, tossed with a zesty lemon dressing and a sprinkle of feta cheese.

Roasted Shrimp with Burst Cherry Tomatoes and Feta

This seafood dish is easy to make but tastes like it came from a fancy restaurant. Liokareas’ recipe features succulent shrimp roasted with sweet cherry tomatoes and tangy feta cheese – perfect for a quick and healthy dinner.

Sheet Pan Panko Herb Crusted Salmon with Roasted Baby Potatoes and Lemon-Chive Creme Fraiche

This elegant dish is sure to impress your dinner guests. Liokareas’ recipe features tender salmon coated in crunchy panko breadcrumbs, paired with crispy baby potatoes and a creamy lemon-chive sauce.

Leokareas have been pressing the best Greek olive oil for five generations now. Old traditional methods are still used to pick and press olives to make their signature extra virgin olive oil. A true labour of love from them to you.



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