Olio Piro

If you’re a food lover, then you know that olive oil is an essential ingredient in many dishes. It adds flavor, richness, and a unique touch to any recipe. One of the best olive oils on the market is Olio Piro, a high antioxidant extra virgin olive oil that is developed in cooperation with the Italian Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche [1].

The Flavor of Olio Piro

One of the things that make Olio Piro unique is its flavor. It has a bold, fresh taste that is accompanied by a peppery finish. This flavor profile is perfect for those who love robust oils that add excitement to meals. Its elegance and remarkable fluidity complement the sophistication of its flavors, making it an ideal ingredient for any dish [2].

The 2022 Vintage

The 2022 vintage of Olio Piro is a must-try for any food lover. It boasts a beautiful bouquet of green olive fruit and fresh-cut green grass, giving it a fresh and vibrant taste. This harmonious oil has lingering flavors of green almond, green tea, and herbs accompanied by background notes of black pepper and cinnamon. Balanced and robust, the freshness of this oil is unmistakable [3].

Olio Piro was launched in 2018 and specialise in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Located in Southern Tuscany, the brother and sister team blend several different early-harvest olives to create a sophisticated and rich tasting extra virgin olive oil.

Olio Piro